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Feeling the Spark

I finally restarted SparkPeople today, with the hope that being accountable will help keep me from thoughtlessly snacking on whatever's lying around the house. I've also been getting more exercise the past two weeks because my back has bothered me enough to force me to do yoga every day.

I'm currently down to 147 (down, I think, 10 pounds from just postpartum and up 11 from pre-pregnancy). I'd LIKE to get down to 130 or so, but we'll see where I end up. My current goal is to have shed the remaining 10 pounds before Liam's first birthday. That gives me four more months to lose ten pounds, which is more than feasible. I'm not sure I can realistically make the "nine months on, nine months off" goal and lose them by next month, but tacking an extra 3 months on should make it doable.

It feels good to be back on the wagon.

Again. :P
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