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Back on the wagon

Got married, went to Disney, gained 10-ish pounds. I waited until this past weekend to weigh myself, but by the time I got back, most of my size 12 bottoms (including brand-new stuff) was uncomfortably tight around the waistband. Saturday afternoon I weighed in at 145. I don't know if that's an all-time high, but any weight for myself beginning with 14x makes me unhappy.

Disney was lots of fun, but I won't miss the "Disney Diet." There were a handful of places that had food similar to what we make at home (Tusker House in Animal Kingdom, the day before we left, was a godsend to my GI system with Actual Whole Grains!), but mostly the food was too rich, or typical amusement-park fare consisting of meat, sugar, and french fries. And almost all of it in huge portions. Never Again The Deluxe Dining Plan!

Just being back home for almost a week and making an effort to eat normal foods and normal portions, I'm sure I've pooped some of the crap out of my body. Which is good, if TMI s:) But now that the wedding is over and the church choir season is over, the only activity I have is dance classes once or twice a week -- which means lots of time to finally get back to the gym.

Now to actually dig my gym clothes out and make a plan for when to go. After work is a given; hopefully it will be cool enough by that point in the day that I don't get off the bus and wimp out.

PS - Oh, and I'm making a real effort to make taking my cholesterol pill an actual regular habit, and not just an occasional thing. I should have finished a three month supply by now; I've got about half a bottle still to go before I need a refill.

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