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Progress report

Last I checked, the scale still said 153. That was at the beginning of the week, before I began earnestly trying to be good.

So far, I've succeeded. There was no ice cream in the house this week, and I also managed to choose healthier snack options, and not stress-eat! Yay!

Monday - two 1/2-hour long walks with a Mobied baby
Tuesday - full yoga routine
Wednesday - half yoga routine
Thursday - 20-30 minute walk
Saturday - full yoga routine
today - half yoga routine + 15 wall-pushups + 25 slow tummy-crunches

This week's goal: keep up the good work, and incorporate 2 days of Yogilates in there somewhere.
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YAY!!!!!!!! Good for you!! *wishes you a good week and undiminished motivation*
Thanks! :) I was bad this afternoon and got a Cadbury's Caramel Egg at Wegmans, but since I've been mostly good lately, one badness won't kill me.