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new attempts

So I have been a member of a gym for 3 weeks and I am now going. The owner is awesome and he started my membership over since i have not used it til this week. I have a friend that is a member of the gym too and she and i are going every day after i get out of work. It feels great! As I type I am sore because I am not only doing cardio a workout I am also lifting weights. So yeah. I feel SUPER! Tera made a crack at me that apparently it is doing good since I sat for a hour tonight and did not snore the whole time. (i snore while awake since i m in such poor shape... yes this is sad... make your cracks) But I am also doing good in my attempts to drink less soda. I am drinking a few cans of Coke Zero a day and that is it really. I am really trying.
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