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So I've been stuck in the high 137.x's for the last while, which was making me most unhappy. I knew some of it was water retention from PMS, and from not getting to the gym as often as I'd like to anymore. I sing with two groups one night each a week, and I have dance lessons 1-2 times a week, which leaves one or two weeknights after work, and weekends 9 or 10am to 2pm. (I love my gym, but their weekend hours kind of suck.) I've been going semi-regularly on Wednesdays that I don't have dance lessons. I'm trying to not stress myself out over it, but I could ramp up to making Tuesday night and/or Saturday morning a more regular thing.

I have been better about eating right lately. lite and I have been making sure to cook both lunches and dinners for most of the week on Sundays to make that easier. And yet my weight was STILL sticking at 137 -- when I dared to check the scale.

I think I found the problem this week. I'd been packing walnuts to snack on in my lunchbox, to up my good fat intake to help with my cholesterol (which is high enough I started generic Zocor in December). I left them out the last three days, and even with having some extra salt in my diet from corn chips with my taco chicken (along with spring greens and 2% shredded cheese), I've dropped at least 2 lbs since late last week.

Alright then. No more nuts on a regular basis, even "good" nuts. Not unless I drop, say, my Luna bars as part of breakfast -- and honestly, the Luna bars are more filling, and have more things I need than the walnuts.

Also good: tonight at our private dance lesson, we were dancing to a fast enough song that I felt like I was actually working at keeping up the tempo. I've also been wearing my one pair of heels to practice to get used to dancing in heels, and between the two, I suspect my calves are going to hate me tomorrow. But hey, that's a sign of a good workout, right? s:)

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