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Checking in

Today I...

Swam/water ran for 20 minutes. New addition to this is doing chin ups and pull ups ( yes, there is a difference between the two...it's in the position of the hands on the bar ) off of the diving block...2 sets of 5 of each. Hot tubbed for 7.

Weight ( eek ) = 241 lbs, up 3 lbs. That bites. I can't be surprised, though....we ate out a few times this last week, and I've not been as careful as I could have been. Still surprised that the gain was so much. Silly enough, my jeans are fitting better. Go figure :/

I figured out that the shower head comes off, leaving, well, a hose. Harder flowing water in the right place...yeah... ;) ....I'm very very bad.

La di da di da......
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