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But I LIKE to eat

I'm realizing that the main reason I'm not losing weight is because I'm eating too much. It boils down to a number of things, really:

* I get bored being at home all day. (Working on this one.)
* Habit - being too used to having desserts, or snacks at certain times, or whatever.
* It's /there/. (aka, the French Fry Principle)
* I LIKE food.

This last one is the biggest problem. I don't really /want/ to cut down on my intake. I mean, I do, in theory, but in practice, I hate denying myself things. (Wow, that sentence had a lot of commas.) I don't WANT to cut calories, or change habits, or avoid things that are yummy and bad for me.

So yes, my dieting setback is petulance. How sad is that? :P

My other problem goes with both 'habit' and 'liking food.' What I mean here is that I will decide, "I want x food item," or "I really want dessert tonight," and will therefore have x-food-item or dessert, whether I'm actually hungry or not. This leads to overeating because I don't so much "save room" for dessert as just /make/ room for dessert.

I'm really not sure how to break these patterns, but I know I'm not going to lose my last 10-15 (which was at one point down to 7 *sigh*) pounds of pregnancy weight without doing so. Exercise alone isn't going to do the job.
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