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NOW's Love Your Body Day: October 15

The former intern/summer minister at my church, Lisa, wants to hear from women (sorry guys!) about why you love your body. Her blog post can be found here, though I'll copy the text behind a cut as well.

I've cross-posted to chickchat and my journal as well, to give as many women as possible a chance to participate.

Help Me Celebrate ~ Love Your Body Day, Oct 15, 2008

Dear WomynFriends near and far,

The National Organization for Women's 10th annual Love Your Body Day is coming up on October 15, 2008! In honor of this day, and because we need to make every day Love Your Body Day, I want to hear why you love your body. I am collecting reflections, letters and original images about what it means to be engaged in the process of becoming a whole, healthy, embodied, human woman. You are welcome to use blogHer's "Letter to My Body" format ( if you wish.

Please send your (500 words or fewer, please) answer to the question, "Why I love my body," to My hope is that gathering and sharing the responses of many women will be an act of healing for many of us. May we (and our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends) find affirmation and health every day, not just on October 15, 2008!

Here are the parameters:

1. I'm not much of a tech maven, so please send your responses either in the body of your email message or in MSWord 2003 (or compatible) format. Images should be scanned and compressed, JPEG format preferred.

2. This project is intended to be shared with women and girls of all ages as an example of positive body image modeling, so please keep that in mind when sending in your submissions. Because I am compiling and sharing these items as a private citizen and will post them on my own website, I reserve the right to edit for length or refuse items for any reason. I will, however, give credit to each and every person who submits something, and make note when I have made an editorial decision. In addition, please be certain that you have the right to use/share any image or wording you send in its entirety.

3. Finally, Please note that this is something I have done in response to the NOW "Love Your Body" Day campaign, not an event or activity that is sponsored by the organization or the campaign. If you want to read more about this campaign, check out the official website,

All that said, I do hope you will participate, and do take a moment to share this email with your own WomynFriends. Please forward this to any other women you think might be interested in making a submission--all I ask is that you be sure to send the entirety of the email so that the guidelines are clear!

Peace and Love to you

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