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Breaking bad habits

When I initially lost the 40-50 pounds I lost back in 2003-2004, it was mostly due to some digestive issues that made it impossible for me to eat bad (high-fat) foods without fear of pain or other unpleasant side effects. That, frankly, made it pretty easy to lose weight because I wasn't tempted to eat so badly. Thanks to probiotics which straightened my system around, and then pregnancy when my body /needed/ (and therefore tolerated) more fat. That allowed me to get into some bad habits because, hey, I hadn't been able to eat these things in several years! Donuts, full-fat ice cream, etc. And btw, I also have absolutely no willpower, so when I was trying to avoid eating these foods before, I just had to keep them out of my house. That was the only way to ensure I wouldn't be bad.

When I got pregnant, I weighed 136. Just before giving birth I was 170-something, I forget now. Post-birth, 157, and last I checked I'd dropped all of 4 of those extra baby-pounds. I haven't weighed in this week because I've been SO bad over the past week, I don't think I even want to know where I've ended up. Oh, and did I mention that I've done almost no exercise in the past couple of weeks?

Starting today, I'm back on the wagon. No more binges, no more keeping ice cream in the house all the time, no more stress-eating or sweets as treats when I've had a rough baby-day. If I can be good most of the time, the occasional treats are okay, but the should be the exception rather than the majority.

Starting today, I'm also going to get more exercise. On days when it's too cold/rainy for walking, I can almost always find 10-30 minutes for yoga. I'd like to join a gym, but I don't know if our budget would allow that, nor if my husband would want to do double duty (working + daddying) for several days a week while I go. Food for thought.

To kick-start this, I went our for two long walks this afternoon. (I wonder how to calculate the extra calories that burns with a baby strapped to my torso...) When I had my lunch and wanted more food afterwards, I had a salad wrap rather than cookies or other less-healthy choices.

I can do this. But it will take work; I can't just wish the weight away. :P
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