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so now that i have a gym partner i go a ton more frequent. i actually make my gym membership worthwhile. i have been lifting and doing cardio. i am always sore but i know it is worth it. i have set myself a goal... a small one... but still. I have never been able to do chin ups. So in my weight lifting process I am working to be able to do 3 sets of 12 chinups. Rightnow.... it is nothing but a dream. At my gym there is a weight assisted chin up and dip machine. At the end of my workout the other day For shits and giggles I did 2 sets of 5 on the dips. I then tried to do chinups but couldn'tfor the life of me. Oh well. As I get in shape i will eventually get the abillity to do it. I need to buy myself a bike to bike to and from work. This cab bullshit is nothing but that... bullshit and a waste of money. I think I might try ithaca for a good bike when i can afford it. Anyways... back to work. I weighed myself and was not really surprised. I forget now what it was exactly... but i tink i weight 276. last time i was working out and weighed myself i was 260. so i went up. no surprise.

i am going to get fitter... healthier... and all dat jazz. not just for me... but for rory. so i can do tons of fun things with her. my dad was not really in my life as a kid. he was a workaholic. one thing i do remember playing baseball with him in the front yard and goingg for bike rides. i did other things with him... but those were the fit things. i enjoyed them. alot. so yeah i want to do those things with rory.
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