Tearsinger (tearsinger) wrote in bulgebattle,

Week 2: Less work

More results.

Started-230.0 LW-227.6 Now-224.8 -5.2

This week I didn't track virtually at all. I ate gamer food (cheeseburger sub) on Friday night and had Pizza for lunch on Monday, neither of which did I try to point, but I also didn't touch my flex points this week and didn't let the slip give me excuse to go wild. When we ordered out I ate 1/2 my food and had doug take the rest home.

This week I refused swiss rolls because they weren't worth the points and took the stairs everywhere I went.

I still sucked on vitamins and water.

We also bought a membership at the family and aquatic fiteness center, so we can swim when we want to and take some of the classes over there.

Goals for this week:
Take vitamins
Drink 6-8+ glasses of water

Things that are working for me:
Big plate/tray of fruit in the middle of the table with breakfast and dinner
Fruit in my lunch.
Fruit all the time.
Cereal for dessert because it is low in fat, high in sugar, most are whole grain of some degree and it is a serving of milk, or two.
Sugar free Werther's candies
Instant oatmeal for breakfast --two packs fruit and cream somedays and actual multigrain other days.
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